Join me for the first public webinar on The Warrior Heart Practice, and learn the steps for how to move beyond mental struggle to mindful serenity. There is a whole world of creativity, peace, and directed, clear action available to you when you learn to embrace the truth, beyond your story or fears.

Thursday, November 7th  5 pm- 6pm Los Angeles, 8-9 pm New York

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We’ve all had stories that snag the fabric of our being, where an experience gets caught, but rather than reflect and challenge the story, we keep going back again and again to pick at the loose stitch. Whether the experience happened in childhood or yesterday, our stories can unravel our self-esteem, drain our energy, and keep us struggling in emotional quicksand.

We are amazing, creative, powerful creatures, and instead of waking up each day saying, “What beauty and connection will I craft today?” we wake up basically saying, “How can I feel good enough about myself today?” or “How can I avoid my own self-judgment and fears?” The vitality that could be going toward solving world problems, bringing people together in wondrous ways, and celebrating the unbelievably great gift of life is instead drained by drama, conflict, and using the power of our word against ourselves.

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Join me in celebrating the 2-month countdown to the release of The Warrior Heart Practice on January 7, 2020!  And thanks to everyone who voted this topic #1 out of six options! I’ll also be writing an article soon.