Journey of the Nine Moons

A nine-month sacred container for letting go, finding your footing, and healing your soul.

Journey of the Nine Moons

A nine-month sacred container for letting go, finding your footing, and healing your soul.

It’s time to let go…


Of the weight you’ve been carrying. It’s too much. Too much for your soul. Too much for anyone. 


But how do you find the confidence and strength to set down your beautiful and heavy burdens long enough to heal your aching soul?


How do you quiet the voices of doubt and judgment and so much fear of what an unknown path will bring?


It’s a lot. I know.


We’ve all been through so much these last few years and it’s painfully, woefully challenging to go back to a world where we are all trying to wedge ourselves back into “normal” but nothing really fits right anymore. But was it really working before?


Or were you just more used to the weight of it all?


It’s a difficult place we all find ourselves now; grieving for the comfort of what was, while also desiring for it to never be that way again.


How do we rumble with the contradiction?


How do we figure out how to sit confidently with all the inner and outer conflict without feeling flattened by it?

There is a way. 


And it requires just a little bit more of you. 


It will also feed you in ways you didn’t even know you were hungry.


I call it...

There is a way. 


And it requires just a little bit more of you. 


It will also feed you in ways you didn’t even know you were hungry.


I call it...

Journey of the Nine Moons

Nine Moons weaves three vital modalities for change

One part course to build the soft skills you need to find your center.


One part safe/brave space where you are invited and safe to share all of who you are and all of who you’re becoming - held by the open and supportive arms of your peers and our guidance. 


One part community-building to grow your direct, personal circle of people who are as eager as you are to travel the very same path.


The Journey is here so you can break free from the overwhelming noise of social media, divisive news cycles, and everyone’s opinion…


And receive direct access to the EXACT tools you desire that guide you on the path towards freedom, authenticity, creativity, and courage.

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"Simply put - this course is amazing and life-changing!

I cannot even begin to explain the countless classes I have taken and this is the real deal. The teachings are not only uplifting but you also have practice material that allows you to fit it into your everyday life. HeatherAsh and all of the mentors are sweet, caring, genuine and some of the nicest and most supportive people I have ever learned from. Love them, love the teachings, love the beautiful circle of women! Highly recommend joining in on the fun!" 

- Nikki M.

Now in its 23rd (yes, you read that right) year, Journey of the Nine Moons is a potent nine-month online program designed to give you the support, tools, and guidance to become more clear, radiant, and present in your life


Journey of the Nine Moons is a cocoon of unconditional support, a brave space of healing yourself from the inside out. You don’t have to do this alone; the Journey is more potent and transformative in sacred sanctuary with other beings finding their wings and rebirthing themselves anew.

Reconnect to circular, sacred living

During this journey, you will be guided in connecting with the cycles of the moon and seasons, grounding into your body playfully, clearing your mind of noise and overwhelm, emptying out the backlog of repressed emotions, befriending your physical body, and releasing the burden of heavy ancestral and familial patterns. 


It’s a lot. But you need it. You know you do. 


And in thirty years of offering this work to thousands of beautiful humans just like you, I have never been more sure of this.


Because in this moment, dealing with ourselves and our personal ‘stuff’ has never been more critical to reshaping the world we all want to live in.


And it’s my honor and privilege to be your guide. 


Over our nine months together you will:

  • Heal your wounds around self-doubt, fear, and self-sabotage
  • Release old patterns and behaviors that keep you stuck
  • Learn how to stop fighting life and create more ease
  • Tap into the depth of your inner wise woman
  • Grow your energy reserves in new and revelatory ways
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"The Warrior Goddess teachings have made a huge impact in how I relate to others and how I show up in the world.


I'm more compassionate, learning to be less judgy, and thinking about different perspectives. My disaster mind used to rule my thoughts and although they haven't disappeared, I am aware of them and can bring myself back to the present.


I often hear HeatherAsh in my mind saying, "come back sweetheart, it's safe here."  HeatherAsh and her team of magical pixies created this circle at the perfect time. This community of women provides a safe place to be vulnerable and show all the messy parts without judgment.


I move around quite often now since covid and the women of Warrior Goddess Circle and the weekly online teachings with the magical Team Pixie have provided structure and community in my life. I'm grateful to be here!"

- Robin C.

Nine Moons, Nine Modules

Each month we dive deep into a different topic, with weekly online lessons to gently guide you forward. Lessons are delivered via video and audio recording along with writings, worksheets, and sometimes extra supportive resources and practices.


Along with online, at your own pace teachings, we meet live via zoom on Wednesdays from February 14th through October 23, 2024.


Every other week is live teaching with me to bring the lessons from concept into action; the other weeks are community pod calls where you go through practices and shares with other Journey of the Nine Moon members. 


There are two times to choose from (and you’re welcome to attend both if you like!).


Here are the monthly modules, which are broken into three trimesters: Intent, Inspiration, and Intuition. Each lesson comes with four weeks of guidance and tools so you can stabilize it in your life.

First Trimester: Reclaim Your Intent

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Month 1: Commit to You

Close the gap between self-rejection and true acceptance, thinking and being, wishing and becoming. During this lesson you'll learn how to really commit 100% to living beyond judgment and victimization and building a strong foundation for our nine month rebirthing journey.


Month 2: Align with Life

Consciously choose what you are aligning with and then let go. Be in gratitude for every moment, even the hard ones. This lesson will invite you to take an honest look at how you respond when obstacles and challenges arise. You will discover what it means to move with Life curiously and compassionately so you get out of struggle and resistance. 


Month 3: Create a Container

Unburden your mind, energy, emotions, and physical body. During this module, you will look at the four aspects of self and how to decontaminate or compost what no longer serves you and open to your wisdom and healing. This module contains practical tools to clear out what isn’t working and create space for what is to come. 

Second Trimester: Revitalize Your Inspiration

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Month 4: Ground Your Being

Claim your energy back from old relationships and difficult encounters. As you enter into the second triad of our program, this module explores what it means to come back home to yourself and ground into what matters most—you. You’ll build energy practices to support you in getting free from your past, including familial patterns that have been passed down. During this month, you will reclaim your energy for YOU.


Month 5: Energize Your Creativity

Channel the energy of your creativity (and sexual flow) into catalyzing and birthing anything into your life. This lesson opens you to your birth-right potential of harnessing our life force energy so you have more power and agency in your life. You’ll more consciously and creatively weave your new life dream as an artist of the spirit, with pleasure, joy, and fun.


Month 6: Claim Your Strength

Value yourself highly. Be comfortable with both your power and your vulnerability. During this module, you will strengthen your courage and reclaim your true power. Learn how to be disciplined from compassion and unconditional love instead of fear and judgment. This month will help you get more free by having the audacity to follow-through on your deepest desires and reach for your dreams.

Third Trimester: Trust Your Intuition

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Month 7: Open Your Heart

As you enter our final triad of this 9-month journey, you venture into the heart, a place where you get to be brave, fall in love with Life, and develop a new relationship with what you really want. During this lesson you will explore practices that help you refine and redefine what love is, how to connect deeply to humanity and ourselves, and be a free and fiery warrior of the heart. 


Month 8: Speak Your Truth

Dedicate yourself to speaking your truth with your heart open. During this lesson we get into the juicy skill-building of clear communication, finding your courage to speak up in new ways, and develop a new relationship with the truth. You’ll be invited to be honest with yourself and then with others in compassionate, direct, and heart-felt ways. You’ll learn how to be tender and timely with each other, especially in conflict with those we love most.


Month 9: Embody Your Wisdom

Tap into the depth of your inner wise woman and own who you are in the world fully. During this final lesson you own your innate playful wisdom and claim your inner knowing. We’ll learn about some witchy tools and get to practice them in community together. It’s a delightful way to close our 9-month journey and choose your new path. 

Laura found Journey of the Nine Moons last year after her life as she knew it dissolved. Instead of trying to power through everything on her own, she knew she wanted to do things in a different way. Now, a year later, she has risen from the ashes and is infused with enthusiasm and surrounded by people who feel like home for who she is becoming.

Listen to Laura share about her experience here, or read the transcript here.


Listen, Beloved...

I know it’s scary to make changes, especially when everything is constantly changing around us. The old ways aren’t working though. And you no longer have to walk this path alone.


Come be deeply supported as you say yes to the power of fierce love, unearth your deepest forgiveness and compassion, and stand tall in constant authenticity and vulnerability. We can do hard things together— you, me, and our epic community of Warrior Goddesses.


Wherever you live, wherever you are (you are welcome EXACTLY as you are, dear one), you can now be part of a 9-month journey of Warrior Goddesses rebirthing ourselves from the inside out, one step at a time, together in community, ritual, and unconditional love. 


Won’t you join us?

You are welcome just as you are.

"My life shifted in a way that I wasn't expecting. All of the tools were really easy to implement into my life and I feel like because of that, I'm living a more authentic life and I feel empowered, and I feel a lot happier with myself. I have a connection with the Divine that I didn't have before the program... I'm a different person."

— Cynda

"I appreciate so much the leadership as well as the wisdom of HeatherAsh Amara. She embodies everything she teaches and uses it in her own life and is transparent about her growth curves and edges. She held such a beautiful space for us throughout the nine months."

— Brigid

"It was an incredible experience, getting united with other powerful women. And gathering in circle, even though it was an online program, I felt a connection with each of them and learned great, practical tools that helped me connect with myself. This is a great program. Don't think about it, take it!"

— Carolina

Commit to the most important person in your life: YOU.


Your healing will heal all those around you. It is time to give yourself the space to let go of the old skin and uncover your wild, witchy, wise warrior goddess self.


Listen to what Journey of the Nine Moon participants gained through committing to themselves for nine months:

Be unconditionally supported and guided, step-by-step, week by week

Perhaps you have been doing spiritual and healing work for decades. Or maybe you are new to consciously directed change. Either way, what I’ve learned is that most of us actually sabotage ourselves in both subtle and extreme ways — because we are have learned to use everything against ourselves, rather than using everything to free us. 


Journey of the Nine Moons is different from most online programs because we go deep into the roots of the problem (which is not you; you are not broken, dear one!) and teach you how to become unconditionally supportive, loving, and curious about your own growth instead of constantly judging, comparing and criticizing yourself to who you think you should be.


(If judging yourself to being a better person worked, we would all be enlightened by now! But truly, it doesn’t make you a better person, only a more frustrated, exhausted person.)


I want you to be vibrantly, exuberantly, joyfully free to be YOU fully. Our community is dedicated to discovering, with you, who you really are, not telling you who you should be. Everyone is welcome, everyone is included to this party.


The journey of discovery should be fun along the way… because how you get there is as or more important than where you are going.


No more trying to go it alone, constantly beating yourself up or endlessly comparing yourself to who you were or who you think you should be. No more trying to fit into a skin that is way too small for your radiance. No more shoulds. No more abandoning yourself.


"Journey of the Nine Moons has been an integral part of what started as 'The Year of Me 2022.'

I began 2022 determined to focus on self-care, personal discovery and healing. I read Warrior Goddess Training by HeatherAsh, participated in a Warrior Goddess 7-day Challenge in June, joined the Warrior Goddess online community and traveled to Teotihaucan, Mexico in July on a Warrior Goddess retreat. When the opportunity to join Journey of the Nine Moons came up in September, I did not hesitate. I wanted to continue on what started as my solo path with this beautiful community.

Journey of the Nine Moons blessed me with an amazing platform, program, and community of Warrior Goddesses with whom to safely and compassionately continue my journey of self-exploration and spiritual, emotional, mental,and intellectual growth. I have done some deep-seated healing while being energetically held in sacred space by a passionate circle of souls growing with me.

To say that I love this community is an understatement, my sister Water Moths in Journey of the Nine Moons are family by choice."

-  Tiffany Garner, MS, LCPC

Journey of the Nine Moons Schedule

Our Journey of the Nine Moons closed circle officially begins with our Introduction call on Wednesday, February 14th and our deep dive on Sunday, March 10th.


The Week 1 Lesson will be available on Sunday, February 11th. Each new lesson is released weekly on Sunday morning, and you can progress through the lessons at your own pace.


Then meet with me live every other week starting Wednesday, February 14th (or watch the recordings; everything is recorded and available the day after our live classes.) where we will explore the lessons and practices a bit more live via Zoom.


On the alternative Wednesdays you will meet with your “pod” a small group in your circle where you can share and integrate the lessons with. During this time, you all get to explore what is coming up for you in relation to the teachings and practices so you can process together.


There are two times to choose from every week for live online Journey of the Nine Moons classes:


Wednesdays, 7 am Los Angeles, 10 am New York, 3 pm London


Wednesdays 4 pm Los Angeles, 7 pm New York, 12 am London


And if you can’t join us live for whatever reason, you can always watch the recordings.


When you join the Journey of the Nine Moons you not only gain a strong and unconditional support system, you will also be guided step-by-step with the most transformative shamanic, emotional, and mental healing techniques to untangle yourself from conditional, linear thinking and return you to your unconditionally loving, curious, playful, and creative as hell self.

PLUS get access to all these bonuses
(worth over $1700!)

Along with the small group support of Journey of the Nine Moons, when you sign up you will also receive a plethora of bonuses at no extra charge. Your bonuses include:

Women's Hands
Value: $1323 USD

Seasons of Self

Enjoy 12 months of all-access to Seasons of Self. SOS is a quarterly immersion with classes taught by HeatherAsh and the Warrior Goddess Mentor Team.

SOS includes quarterly topics taught by HeatherAsh, as well as these community calls and events:

New and Full Moon Gatherings. We gather to honor the cycles each month at the new and full moon for ritual and ceremony.

Quarterly Equinox and Solstice Retreats. 

State of the Revolution Address. An intimate, monthly deep-dive session with me around what is up for the community, where we are in the cycles, and what our focus for the month is.

Self-Care and Sass. A weekly call with one of the Warrior Goddess Mentors where we take care of our inner landscape. During these sessions, we build our awareness and self-intimacy through practical teachings and everyday practices.

Creativity Coffee Hour. A weekly session with a Warrior Goddess Mentor where we shake things up and explore how to get more free on the inside in new and exciting ways.

Early access and discounts to live retreats and events and at our community retreat center, Warrior Heart Ranch outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In your membership portal you’ll have a special calendar with all the monthly event links and recordings (including your Journey of the Nine Moons calls). 


But wait, there is more!
(And no obligation, sweetheart. This is not to overwhelm but to give you lots of options for your unique journey.)

WG logo gold
Value: $157 USD


An intimate journey for those going through a relationship loss. This series is an intimate conversation with HeatherAsh as she shares how to repair and recover after the devastation of heartache. Learn specific tools to help navigate this particular challenge and come out fortified and whole on the other side.

Warrior Goddess Logo Purple
Value: $122 USD


The foundations of being a Warrior Goddess. During this series of classes, we explore the foundational teachings of intent, inspiration, and intuition. We do mini dives into each of the ten Warrior Goddess lessons to get more clear, creative, and courageous in our lives.

Warrior Goddess White Logo
Value: $30 USD

Return to Center

Daily practices for a balanced life. This audio collection consists of three individual practices and includes five audio recordings. HeatherAsh designed the recordings to be used together as part of your daily ritual, but you are welcome to use them in a way that feels comfortable and supportive for you.

Warrior Heart Practice Book
Value: $197 USD

The Warrior Heart Practice Worksheet and Meditation Collection

In 2020 I released The Warrior Heart Practice, a book near to my heart that contains a practice to help people gain clarity from confusion. We'll be actively using the practice in the Warrior Goddess Training Circle to help you sift through story into truth and set clear intents for yourself. Here's the Warrior Heart Practice Worksheet and the Warrior Heart Practice Meditation Series so you can begin your exploration.

The Warrior Goddess Summit Interview Collection
Value: $57 USD

The Warrior Goddess Summit Interview Collection

I interviewed 8 phenomenal women who bravely shared their stories of courage and vulnerability. Here you will find real women talking about their deepest challenges and how they got to the other side. Listening to these intimate interviews will help heal your shame and fear by bringing to light the things we don’t usually talk about: racism, rape, eating disorders, motherhood, divorce, addiction, family members with mental disorders, trauma, health crisis, and more.

When you join here is what happens next…

The moment you sign up for Journey of the Nine Moons you’ll receive a confirmation email. Then, within the next week, you'll receive a second email with the details you need to access the bonuses that are available immediately.


Questions? We have an amazing crew of support and love we call Team Pixie: Annika, Kristine, Rachel, and Sarina plus our Warrior Goddess mentors Lara, Mary, Naomi, and Sarina. You can contact us any time at


Okay, let’s talk about your investment in yourself...

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A Journey to rebirth yourself anew

Our 20204 JOTNM Cohort is full.

We'd love to have you join us next time! Enter your name and email below to join our VIP JOTNM Waitlist and you'll be the first to know when registration opens again.

"One of my biggest takeaways from the Warrior Goddess Training book and working with HeatherAsh is the importance of practice. It is not helpful if we read all these books, if we listen to all of this great wisdom, but we don't actually take the time and learn the methods to practice these new ways of being. I learned to put these methods to practice by weekly calls in the Journey of the Nine Moons.


I've learned how to recognize toxic thought patterns that I have and how to redirect myself. I've learned not to shame myself when I fail. I've learned not to be so hard on myself and hard on others. I've learned to stop putting my expectations on relationships. I've learned to not take everything as personal because everybody is focused on themselves, and you really see this when you're communing with other women in a very vulnerable and open space, and that is the beauty of this group.

I have been in therapy on and off throughout the years, and nothing, nothing has grown me like this group. Being supported by this group of women who hold nothing back and share themselves so openly. It's healing in me, even if I'm not going through the exact same thing they are, and when I share something, it's healing in them. It's just such a beautiful circle. I hope that you'll join us. Your spirit is needed."


-Elizabeth C

Frequently Asked Questions

Journey of the Nine Moons is here to support you in getting more free in your life, to feel held, and do deep work in a community who will meet you where YOU are at, not where we think you should be. Nine Moons is a systemic disentangingling of who the world has told you to be so that you can come back home to yourself and become the person you want to be. This program provides structure over nine moon cycles (nine months) to rebirth yourself. You will have access to a support team of Warrior Goddesses ready to cheerlead, hold space, and guide you through. 

Aylish JOTNM Testimonial

“When I first joined Journey of the Nine Moons I felt there was something missing from my life. It was like an invisible thread was pulling at my deepest core craving something more then what was.


I felt fractured and frightened in a world that had spent years tearing me down. I had lost my voice and myself. I was craving sanctuary; a safe haven. Journey of the Nine Moons gifted me community, acceptance and safety. It was the very container my soul needed to be able to shed a lifetime worth of grit, fear, judgment, self loathing, and shame. There is deep wisdom in the teachings and an entire tool box of medicine the helps chisel past old agreements and come home to yourself.

Taking part in this course has changed my life. It has given me courage in times of adversity and hope in times of loss. It has taught me to let go in ways I never thought were possible and trust in the mysterious unknown.

I have been a part of this journey twice and each time another layer is unshed. In my deepest knowing Journey of the Nine Moons is a life time practice, for we can always go deeper in the medicine."

- Aylish

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